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Where are the Business Grants?

Updated: May 9

Where are the Business Grants?

When business owners say, "I need you to find me some grants." = DONE.

Your turn! (scroll to the bottom for Grant Lists & follow the steps to start applying)

Otherwise, if you'd rather we do it for you Grant Seeking is a service we offer starting at $150.


As a small business owner, you have to make this a weekly or monthly task. Seeking funding for your business is your goal, this is how you reach that goal.

  1. Copy this list (below) into a document or print it out.

  2. Pick a day of the week to spend and hour or so on grant seeking.

  3. Pull up five (5) of these links in a new tab.

  4. If the application is simple, apply for the grant and make a note of the date you applied and when to look forward to a response.

  5. If the application is closed for the moment, add a reminder to your calendar to check back when it reopens.

  6. If the application is difficult (requires writing or a document that you don't have), create a plan to get assistance with the writing or acquiring the missing requirements.

That's the plan. Get to it!

The Grant Lists (updated with new and up to date grant list as they are found)

The Misc List (These links are the typical ones shared often online. Some found randomly, some old ones that may resurface, and some good funding information mixed in.)

Need Help?

Need help with grant writing, a document, or anything? Reach out!

If you answer no below, you should probably book a discovery call.

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