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In this 1-on-1 work session, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from a seasoned grant writing professional. In a live zoom meeting, I will share my expert knowledge and proven techniques to help you become a more effective grant seeker or writer. By the end of our session, you will have a tangible product that you can immediately put to use toward your grant writing strategy.


In our Work Session, here's what we can work on . Also, you are welcome to include your partner(s) or team on the call. 


  1. Grant Readiness - We will work together to determine and gather what your organization needs to be Grant Ready. I'll take notes during our session and send you those notes, a recap of any key points, and a customized grant readiness checklist that will guide you to becoming Grant Ready!
  2. Grant Prospecting - We will use my paid grant subscriptions and databases to find grants for your organization. I'll show you how to decide if the grant opportunity is a match for your organization, how to track your process, and provide tips on how to search. I will send you notes from our meeting and the list of grants we found.
  3. Grant Writing - If you are Grant Ready, we can draft, review, or edit a grant proposal/application for a matched grant opportunity. I can also provide technical assistance. You will learn how I craft award-winning grants, common mistakes to avoid, and what funders look for in grant applications. I will send you the document we work on with suggestions, notes, and/or revisions, along with key notes from our session. 


When you partner with Grants With Joi, you can expect hands-on support and guidance, every step of the way. We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to secure grants, and we are committed to putting in the effort right alongside you. Let us help you navigate the grant writing process and maximize your chances of success.


* If you are looking to contract a Grant Writer on a monthly or annual basis for more than eight (8) hours per month or "part-time", feel free to start here and then we can discuss if working together is a good fit and plan larger projects or develop a Contractor Agreement.


Not sure if this is for you? Schedule a discovery call to talk about this option and other options and products that may suit your needs.

1-on-1 Nonprofit Grant Strategy Session

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Retainer
Save 25% Monthly
$93.75every month until canceled
  • Select either 1-Hour, 3-Hours, 5-Hours, or 8-Hours. With your selected number of hours, you can spread the hours out over the month and use your personalized link to schedule them and let me know what we'll be working on from the options in the description. The more hours you order the lower the price. Sessions are typically virtual so we can get right to work, but on-site meetings are available upon request.


    Depending on the length of the application or extent of the RFP, we may not finish a grant full application or draft a full proposal in 5-8 Hours. It is best to have a prepared or draft grant proposal for us to edit or fill in gaps and work from most effeciently and effectively.


    For Monthly Subscriptions: We will have an Intro Session that will guide our monthly usage of the hours. I will set realistic expectations in the Intro Session as we develop our Retainer Plan.



    • Having live, collaborative sessions is optional, since it is just an opportunity to educate and empower you/your team.
    • If you would like, I can work on the project alone and deliver the tangible product to you, as long as I have the requested documentation and information to proceed.

    When you checkout, you will recieve an email with next steps and a link to schedule your session(s). Be prepared to put in the work right alongside me. We are partnering on this project and our success is your success!

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